Comparative Observation of the Use of Combi 10 and Filter Paper in the Diagnosis of Schistosoma haematobium Infections

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V. U. Obisike
F. O. Ikpe
E. U. Amuta


Urinary Schistosomiasis is neglected tropical disease (NTDs) caused by the trematode, Schistosoma haematobium. This Study was designed to comparatively observe the use of Combi 10 and filter paper in the diagnosis of Schistosoma hameatobium, and to determine the prevalence and intensity of the Infection among Primary School Pupils in Makurdi Metropolis. A survey involving 202 pupils from four different primary schools within the Makurdi Metropolis was conducted. Urine samples were collected from pupils between the ages 5 to 19 and examined for hematuria and Ova of Schistosoma haematobium using Medi Test Combi 10 and Polycarbonate Filters in Urine Syringe Filtration Technique (USFT) respectively. The prevalence of Schistosoma haematobium based on microscopic examination of Filter papers was 25.7% while prevalence of Hematuria was 35%. Prevalence of Proteinuria was observed to be 50% Infection Intensity varied from Light to heavy. In general infection was higher among males (26.3%) than females (25.8%; P>0.05) although statistically non-significant. The age specific prevalence ranged from 11.1% to 40% in 5-9 years and 15-19 years respectively (P >0.05), and showed no significant difference. There was also a strong positive correlation between the use Medi-test Combi 10 reagent strips and Poly membrane Filtration technique.  A total of 111 urine samples were positive to haematuria using combi 10 while only 52 urine samples were positive to S. haematobium using poly membrane filter paper, hence correlation is significant at 0.05 level. The above finding shows that S. haematobiumis prevalent among primary school pupils and the use of Combi 10 and Filter paper are both diagnostic tools that can be used in S. haematobium diagnosis. They can both ascertain the prevalence of the disease will provide a guide for the treatment and eradicating of the infection. Hence, decisive control measures including administration of praziquantel to pupils are needed.

Medi test Combi 10, polycarbonate filters, Schistosoma haematobium

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Obisike, V. U., Ikpe, F. O., & Amuta, E. U. (2018). Comparative Observation of the Use of Combi 10 and Filter Paper in the Diagnosis of Schistosoma haematobium Infections. Asian Journal of Research in Zoology, 1(2), 1-8. Retrieved from
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