Abundance and Diurnal Activity Rhythm of Stomoxys spp. in a Wildlife-human Interface in Makokou (North East-Gabon)

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Sevidzem Silas Lendzele
Affiri Odzame Joseph-Marie
Zinga-Koumba Christophe Roland
Mounioko Franck
Koumba Armel Aubin
Rodrigue Mintsa Nguema
Acapovi-Yao Genevieve Lydie
M’batchi Bertrand
Jacques François Mavoungou


The aim of the study was to determine the abundance and diurnal activity rhythm of Stomoxyinae at the Ivindo National park and its environs, 14 Vavoua traps were set-up during the rainy season (25th Sept-5th Oct and 21st Oct-9th Nov 2018), in two habitats: the forest, a part of the Ivindo National Park (INP) and village-Town. In the Village-Town habitat, 62141 Stomoxys were caught and regrouped under five species notably 36502 S. omega (58.74%), 24045 S. n. niger (38.69%), 1312 S. xanthomelas (2.11%), 265 S. n. bilineatus (0.43%) and 17 S. calcitrans (0.03%). At the INP, 4645 Stomoxys were caught and regrouped under four species notably 2364 S. n. niger (50.89%), 2153 S. omega (46.35%), 114 S. xanthomelas (2.45%) and 14 S. n. bilineatus (0.30%). Stomoxys were more abundant in the village (517.84 s/t/d) as compared to the INP (44.24 s/t/d). There was a statistically significant difference (P<0.05) in apparent density of Stomoxys in the prospected biotopes. Stomoxys spp. showed a unimodal activity pattern in Village-Town environments and forest sites of the INP. The diurnal activity trend of Stomoxys spp. was sex dependent. This base line data will be used in Stomoxys spp. management in the environs of the INP.

Stomoxys, Vavoua traps, biotope, Gabon

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Lendzele, S., Joseph-Marie, A., Roland, Z.-K., Franck, M., Aubin, K., Nguema, R., Lydie, A.-Y., Bertrand, M., & Mavoungou, J. (2019). Abundance and Diurnal Activity Rhythm of Stomoxys spp. in a Wildlife-human Interface in Makokou (North East-Gabon). Asian Journal of Research in Zoology, 2(2), 1-10. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajriz/2019/v2i230064
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