Study on the Prevalence of Ectoparasitic Arthropods on Free Range Gallus domesticus in Two Communities in Awka

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C. C. Nwadike
P. C. O. Ilozumba
C. J. Gaius


A survey was carried out to determine the prevalence of ectoparasitic arthropods in free range domestic fowl (Gallus domesticus) in Amansea and Ifite communities, in Awka Capital Territory, Anambra state. A total of 112 G. domesticus comprising of 42 Adult males, 30 adult females and 40 juveniles were examined during a house to house survey for ectoparasitic arthropods. The study was carried out between June and September, 2014. The domestic fowl were caught in their roosting places at night and were examined for ectoparasitic arthropod infestation. 73.21% prevalence of ectoparasitic arthropods on the chicken was recorded. Male adult chicken had higher prevalence of ectoparasitic arthropods than adult females and juvenile chicken. Six species of ectoparasitic arthropods namely; Argas persicus (29.46%), Menopon gallinae (23.21%), Dermanysus gallinae (16.07%), Lipeurus caponis (12.5%), Echidnophaga gallinacea (10.71%) Goniocotes gallinae (5.36%) were recovered from infested chicken. Argas persicus with the prevalence (29.46%) was the most prevalent parasite species. Amansea community had a higher prevalence of ectoparasitic arthropods than Ifite community. The difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). In conclusion, the present study has provided information on the various ectoparasitic arthropods of domestic chicken in Amansea and Ifite communities. There was no significant difference in the prevalence of ectoparasitic arthropods between the two communities. Therefore, further study is needed to determine the impact of infestation on the health and productivity of these birds, and evaluation of cost benefit of various control strategies need to be investigated.

Gallus domesticus, ectoparasites, prevalence, arthropods, free-range, chicken.

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Nwadike, C. C., Ilozumba, P. C. O., & Gaius, C. J. (2019). Study on the Prevalence of Ectoparasitic Arthropods on Free Range Gallus domesticus in Two Communities in Awka. Asian Journal of Research in Zoology, 2(4), 1-7.
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