Dr. Adekunle, Oladunni Nimota

As a budding female Public Health Parasitologist from Nigeria, i am passionate about Health and Education. My goal is becoming a world class researcher and consultant in the Public Health scene worldwide offering professional advice that will lead to the development of third world countries. I come from a Sub-Saharan Country where Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) and Emerging Infectious Diseases (EIDs) infects population living in poor communities. For the past seven years, I have strived to help build myself as a Parasitologist with over twelve publications and still counting. I have been engaged in been a team member in various Epidemiological research studies on Parasitic Diseases sponsored by The World Health Organization and The Federal Ministry of Health Abuja, Nigeria. While undergoing my M.Sc programme in Zoology (specialization in Parasitology), my course work opened my eyes to the further pursue of learning in prevention and control of diseases of zoological origin especially the re – emerging infectious diseases and the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). This led to my first ever participation in a Workshop on Effective Malaria Diagnosis held at the National Institute of Medical Research, Lagos State in collaboration with the World Health Organization in 2012.