Formaldehyde: From Interstellar Space to the Pathology Laboratory

L. A. Romano *

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande - FURG, Rio Grande, Brazil.

V. F. Pedrosa

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande - FURG, Rio Grande, Brazil.

L. B. Giesta

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande - FURG, Rio Grande, Brazil.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The “Type of Article” of this paper is “Letter to the Editor”. This paper discuses about: “Formaldehyde: From Interstellar Space to the Pathology Laboratory”. No formal abstract is available. Readers are requested to read the full article.

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Romano , L. A., Pedrosa , V. F., & Giesta , L. B. (2023). Formaldehyde: From Interstellar Space to the Pathology Laboratory. Asian Journal of Research in Zoology, 6(4), 119–121.


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