Current Status of Poultry Coccidiosis in Developing India

Bhimrao N. Jadhav *

Department of Zoology, Vinayakrao Patil Mahavidyalaya, Vaijapur Dist. Chattrapati Sambhajinagar, M.S. 423701, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


To overcome nutritional demand of world as well as India in future, poultry sector is best source of animal protein. The broiler production is only the source which fulfills the future demand of food. Many diseases in chicken hamper the production of chicken in organized and unorganized poultry. Chicken coccidiosis and other zoonotic diseases cause pathological impact on growth of the chicken. In spite of the availability of effective drugs and other medicine, coccidiosis is great threat to poultry industry. All over the world seven species of Eimeria produces morbidity and mortality, poor weight, and loss of egg production causing huge economic loss to the poultry sector.

Indian poultry majorly affected by coccidia in monsoon season followed by winter and summer. The percentage prevalence of coccidiosis is higher in unorganized poultry than organized. Poor management practices and less care may increase the percentage of diseases among chicks in the early stage of life. Eimeria tenella and Eimeria necatrix are potential killer species in the poultry coccidiosis.

Keywords: Population, poultry, chicken, coccidiosis, developing India

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