Dr. Eugene A. Silow

E.A. Silow has experience in the fields of ecology and aquatic biology. When analyzing multi-year series of observations of the plankton community of lake Baikal, he found a trends in the number of endemic large under-ice algae, small cosmopolitan forms in the phytoplankton, rotifers, Cyclops, Cladocera. Experimenting with lake Baikal plankton both in situ and with mathematical modeling he demonstrated that under-ice and summer plankton communities are quite different systems, particularly by their tolerance to human influence. E.A. Silow has been invited to deliver public lectures at leading scientific organizations and the universities of Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, France, China, Korea and others. He participated in organization and conduction of international schools for junior researchers. Performed research work in leading scientific centers of Europe. His studies are of international interest. Evidence of this is that according to the decision of the editorial Board of "Journal of Great Lakes Research" his article “Lake-wide physical and biological trends associated with warming in lake Baikal” has been put on the title page of the journal and was awarded later as the best paper of the year. Limnology. aquatic ecosystems, plankton, ecosystem stability, ecosystem health, environmental chemistry, ecological sustainability, lakes, water resources, ecotoxicology.