Dr. George P. Laliotis

Dr. George P. Laliotis was born in Athens, Greece. He graduated (B.Sc.) from the Department of Animal Production of the Agricultural University of Athens (2002). He also holds a postgraduate diploma (M.Sc, 2004), while in 2007, he completed his doctoral studies focusing on the study and molecular cloning of ovine G6PD gene, a gene involved in the process of lipogenesis. Having gained a post-doc grant (2009), he continued his research at the same department and he was focused on investigating the physiological role of a new transcript of ovine G6PD gene. At the past he worked as an application specialist in a private company, while from 2009 till November 2017 worked at posts of the Greek Public Administration. From December 2017 until June 2019 he was a junior researcher at the Research Institute of Animal Science of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization-“Demeter”. From July 2019 till now is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Animal Science (Agricultural University of Athens).  His research interests are mainly focused on: i) animal husbandry, ii) the genetic variation of animal populations and its association with productive traits, iii) gene technology, iv) DNA polymorphisms and v) molecular physiology of productive traits.