Study on the Prevalence of Ectoparasitic Arthropods on Free Range Gallus domesticus in Two Communities in Awka

C. C. Nwadike, P. C. O. Ilozumba, C. J. Gaius

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Biochemical, Histopathological and Mutagenic Changes Following the Co-administration of Antihelminthic and Antimalarial Drugs in Wistar Rats

A. A. Obiajunwa, E. T. Idowu, O. A. Otubanjo

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Mound Distribution and Soil Transformation by Macrotermes bellicosus in Bagudo and Augie in Kebbi State, Nigeria

H. A. Shindi, H. M. Bandiya, M. M. Yahaya, A. Aminu

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A Survey of Urinary Schistosomiasis among Secondary School Students in Jalingo Town, Jalingo Local Government Area, Taraba State

Zakki Yula Hosea, Liamngee Kator, Jacob John Geraji

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Foetal Wastage at the Oja-tuntun Slaughterhouse in Ogbomoso Town, South Western Nigeria: A Three Year Retrospective Study

Caesar E. Anyaku, Ebele J. Ajagun, Abisola O. Oshagbemi

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Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitic Helminths from the Fingernails of Primary School Pupils in Makurdi Benue State

Zakki Yula Hosea, Liamngee Kator, Oga Ohekpe Philomena

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A Preliminary Study on the Batraco-herpetological Fauna in the Forest Refuge of Albertine Rift, the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Franck Masudi Muenye Mali, Anne Laudisoit, Michel Komba Yendema, Gabriel Badjedjea Babangenge, Morgan Mukobya, Corneille Ewango, Pionus Katuala, Dudu Akaibe, Gédéon Ngiala Bongo, Justin Asimonio Anio; Jean Paul Koto-te-Nyiwa Ngbolua; Gembu Tungaluna

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The Burden of Multiple Intestinal Helminthes among Primary School Children in Doma, Doma Local Government Area, Nasarawa State, Nigeria

I. A. Alaku, E. A. Omudu, N. G. Imainde, D. D. Attah

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