Formation and Diachronic Changes of Placental Scars in the House Shrew (Suncus murinus)

Kyosuke Nakano, Kazuyuki Mekada

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Identification of Insect Pest Species of Maize, Their Infestation and Damage Levels at Ziway Dugda Woreda, Arsi Zone, Ethiopia

Lemmessa Gemmeda, Emana Getu

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Prevalence of Schistosoma haematobium and Its Intermediate Hosts in Makurdi Metropolis

V. U. Obisike, E. U. Amuta, P. S. Adaaku

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Molluscicidal Potential of Column Purified Fractions of Allium cepa against Intermediate Host of Urinary Schistosomiasis (Bulinus globosus) in Sokoto, Nigeria

J. Suleiman, K. Singh, A. Y. Bala, M. T. Muhammad, M. S. Yakubu

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First Record of Genus Goniodes Nitzsch, 1818 (Phthiraptera: Ischnocera: Philopteridae) on Peafowl (Galliformes: Phasianidae) from Pakistan

Saima Naz, Syed Anser Rizvi

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